Post 1: Hello Blog

I launch this blog on the cusp of a very big change in my life.

I have lived in Miami for the past eight years and since I moved there I told everyone that I was going to live there forever. The heat, the colors, the views, the vibe… Miami is SO me. I have great friends, I had an extremely rewarding job, and the view outside my window still took my breath away on the daily. However, there was a voice in my head (and in my gut) that was seeking something more.

Hence why I am starting this blog. This blog here will be my new focus, new hobby, new passion as I pack up my belongings and move to Mexico City (Back in with my parents! EEK!) Nothing was wrong with my life…in fact it was beautiful. My job as an Indoor Cycling instructor had allowed me to pursue a passion of mine (fitness and wellness) and had given me a voice to inspire and uplift. And it is the exact motivation that I have preached for years in my classes that I find the courage in myself to take this next step in my life. One chapter is coming to a close and the next adventure is about to begin. And I’m really freakin pumped!

But this post is less about my current situation and the complete uprooting of my life. I want to focus on the HOW and WHY I was able to get in touch with that “gut feeling” and take the chance on what my heart was telling me.

I have always prided myself on being comfortable alone. I am independent, comfortable in my own skin, and I have learned to enjoy my own company whether it be taking a walk, reading a book in bed, or connecting with myself during a hard workout. As I have gotten older and learned to value myself and my relationships with others, I find my choice to hangout alone is a conscious form of self-love. (Depending on the day, “alone” might look like 10 minutes of meditation, no music in the car on the drive to work, or a five hour Netflix marathon with just me, myself and I.) My internal conversation with myself is positive, protective and healing. If you know me in person, you know that I am friendly, optimistic, and I laugh very easily. And my self-talk reflects that when I am alone with myself.

So even though I claimed that Miami was once where I was “meant to be”, these past few months have been a process to get me to the place I am today: Taking a step into the unknown! (I don’t have a job and I don’t really have a plan!) But I do know that I have desires to explore different sides of myself, I want to take on new challenges and ultimately I need to make sure I am doing everything I can to be living my best life (and at 27 years old…that means taking risks!) I am confident that I am “in-tune” with these desires because my self-talk is so loud. The sense of security I feel in myself from learning to be alone, being my own friend and loving myself has allowed me to trust my instincts. In fact, I feel like my senses have been heightened because I truly am my own best friend…

I don’t know what’s to come, but I know I am making the right decision. My gut, my intuition, my inner-voice, whatever you want to call it, is pointing me in the right direction.

So I guess the point of this post is to stop and have a quick little check-in. I once read that “Our capacity to be alone is also our capacity to love”. My time spent alone is precious because it has allowed me to truly connected to ME.  I have found clarity and understanding in this need for change, and more importantly I have found confidence and strength to take this step. There is no greater way to love oneself than listening and honoring your inner voice. And remember, BEING ALONE IS NOT THE SAME AS BEING LONELY. You owe it to yourself to explore what your inner-voice is telling you or maybe even asking of you. In the moments of silence when it’s just you and you…what do you hear? You might not realize that you need to make a life changing decision like me, but a simple daily recognition of yourself is the first step to building the foundation to the most loving relationship you can have with YOU.



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