Stairmaster Booty: I love you. I love you. I love you.

As a fitness professional for over three years now I have a good grasp of when my body is feeling at its cleanest and strongest. I also have totally come to terms with a changing body affected by the ebbs and flows of diet, workouts and life. Sometimes I’m more shredded and other times I’m a little more fluffy. Better for cuddling 😉

I was inspired to write this post because last night I posted a sweaty selfie on my Instastory excited that “I had completed 30 minutes of intervals on the Stairmaster”. In the moment I truly wanted to share with my Instafam those feelings of pride and accomplishment because THAT SHIT WAS HARD. But since I posted that story I wanted to call myself out because I didn’t tell the whole truth. What I forgot to mention was that I did those intervals at a level 5 (I typically would start around level 8). I literally had to stop and get off the machine three times to catch my breath. And I did 27 minutes…not 30 (lol yes I rounded up).

I’m not calling myself out to hold myself accountable on social media because I didn’t train as hard as I am normally capable of. Not at all. I just want to keep it real so I guess the point of this post is a simple reminder to be in the practice of loving your body without judgement. Now…I have just been on vacation for the past three weeks, basically ate my body weight in cheese and wine and have kept my workouts to a minimum. Not to mention I just moved to Mexico City which if you didn’t know, is at an elevation of 7382 ft. above sea level so breathing is really effing hard until you get acclimated.

Knowing that I have just made a huge life change AND that I have just been on a long vacation AND living a fit, healthy life is a journey, I used that 27 minute climb (or eternity, same thing) to focus on being thankful for the heaviness in my legs, the burn in my lungs, and the sweat dripping down my face. I was totally satisfied with the fact that I was at a level 5…because who cares? I showed up to sweat and I am privileged to have a strong body with the ability to climb stairs! How amazing is that?!?

It’s so VITAL to be gentle to ourselves. No guilt. No shame. No comparison. Exercise because you LOVE your body. Strive to ACCEPT yourself wherever you may be on any given day on your FITjourney and always send love to every inch of your body. There are SO many factors that can affect a given workout… why harbor any negative feelings towards yourself? Some days we crush it…some days we don’t. Either way, it is a gift to be able to move. Fall in love with the fact that you are alive and trust that your body will take you where you want to go as long as you care and speak to it gently. My workout mantra: I love you, I love you, I love you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

P.S. Whether climbing at level one, five, or eight the booty is still growing…so cheers to that!!!

Love and Light!

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