Yes! Happiness is a CHOICE!

Soooo…I am a positive person. I really am touched by the simple things in life (#sunsetlove), I try not to complain too often, and I stay clear of falling into a place of any judgement. I keep my distance from “Debbie downers” and I often have gratitude check-ins with myself just to thank the Universe for all the wonderful things in my life. If you know me or have been following me on Instagram, I post about self-love and happiness because that is what I ACTUALLY am authentically feeling in the moment and social media (and now this blog) have become an outlet to spread the love.

But just because I am a positive person does not mean I do not have my “down” moments. However my positivity is real. My love is real. My excitement for life is real. I definitely still feel pain, anxiety and sadness. (Me…yesterday. PMS much?) However, I hold my happiness way, way closer. I value feeling energized, joyful, and uplifted too much to let any negative feelings weigh me down. Now, I am aware that life has its up-and-downs and some moments are just tougher than others, but as a fitness instructor I really got to explore first hand the concept of learning and “choosing” to be happy. Through my job, I started a valuable practice to prepare myself for work that can literally be applied to any moment of an “off” day.

*sidenote: Fitness instructors have become a sort of celebrity in today’s social media driven world. They inspire us, they are an example to follow and it’s just fun to know about the personal lives of the coaches who train us everyday right? But I am going to be honest…the day and life of a trainer isn’t always that glamourous. To put it simply…You work REALLY hard and are usually underpaid. At times you find yourself physically sore and mentally overworked, always on the run, anxious about paying the bills, AND keeping up with your laundry is just literally impossible.

But back to my point about happiness…

The most common questions I would receive from participants in my classes were, “How are you always so happy? And how do you always have so much energy?”

Real Talk…Yes I was tired and sore and hungry and maybe just had an argument with my brother and I probably just sat in two hours of traffic and I most likely just saw something horrible on the news and I was FOR SURE on my last clean pair of socks. But working in the fitness industry is what I am meant to do. I absolutely love being an instructor and it is my greatest passion to connect with others through health and wellness. No matter how burnt out I felt, I always had so much to give and share.

But being a positive person is not about pretending to be in a good mood at all times…(Honestly I was just crying five minutes ago about my own happiness lol). Being positive is about recognizing the negative. It is about acknowledging your feelings and then making the switch. For me, I would use the drive to work as my “acknowledgment period” where I would let myself feel whatever I was feeling in that moment. Then I would take a few deep breaths and use the thirty second walk from the car to the studio door to make the switch. Positivity: ON, Negativity: OFF. See, happiness is ALWAYS a feeling and it is ALWAYS a decision. I adopted this philosophy for my everyday life, but I became fully conscious of this practice after being so often asked by my clients how I could always be so happy.

I had decided that if I wanted to be the best instructor I could be, I would always provide great energy, be a cheerleader for my team and motivate one hundred percent. So no matter what state I was in prior to showing up to work, I would literally CHOOSE to be happy so I could radiate love and good vibes to my clients and keep the commitment with myself. But this commitment reaches far beyond the studio. This is how I want to show up for my family, friends and the world…not just for my clients! So why not apply “the switch” to my everyday life. Whether at the gym, at the office, or at home, how you feel is your choice. And with this practice comes the realization that you always have the power to choose what you are going to accept and the power to choose what you are going to let go.  

Here are some tricks I use to find happiness on the days on that I can’t seem to just snap out of a crappy mood and take control of that CHOICE:

1. Go for a walk/ move: Activate your body with movement. The blood flow combined with the distraction of just being outside really help to center your mind and lift your spirits…don’t forget to smile!
2. Focus on your breath: Practicing mindful breathing allows you to drift off into a judgement-free state which I always find relaxes me into living in the moment (you can even try this on your walk!)
3. Acknowledge something you are grateful for: Take a mental note, or even better, write down something you are thankful for to recognize all the positive that exists in your life.
4. Disconnect: Break free from the stimulation bombarded at us through social media & the internet and enjoy life without the screen. Studies have shown the more we endlessly scroll the less happy we feel…So just shut it down for a bit!

Do you have any tips for making the switch from negative to positive? I’d love to hear how you practice HAPPINESS as a CHOICE.

Love and Light!

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