I LOVE MY: ____________

Whatever your feelings toward Valentine’s Day may be, (doesn’t it seem like most people either love it or hate it?) I think any excuse to celebrate LOVE is a good one. It is the most powerful, beautiful, transcendent force that exists…so why not dedicate an entire day, or better yet, all of our days to it!? Most people consider February the month of love, and like I said in my last post, we can only love others until we learn to love ourselves, so that is why I personally have declared February the month of #SELFLOVE.

Throughout the month I have been challenging myself to practice self-love in different ways including spending time alone with myself, creating consistent morning/night routines to better prepare me for my days, and challenging myself by trying new things. On this Valentine’s Day I propose different type of challenge for all of us…

I believe an empowering practice of self-Love is being able to proclaim CONFIDENTLY and OUT LOUD what you love about yourself. It sounds so very silly and simple. But as a society we have become accustomed to talking about the things we hate, we focus our attention a lot more on the negative rather than the positive, and complaining is second nature for most people. Am I right?

How many times can you recall sitting with your girlfriends pointing out your insecurities or listing the things you dislike about yourself. Why has this become such an easy and repeated topic? Furthermore, there exists a weird connotation that loving your unique qualities (and actually acknowledging them out loud) could even make you seem self-centered, narcissistic, or selfish. On the contrary, it is in fact, extremely bold (and amazing) to proclaim what you find, beautiful, sexy and unique. And it is essential to living a life that is full, content and happy!

There was a recent trend on Instagram encouraging women to post selfies of themselves to promote self-love and stand up to the face of insecurity. The caption read, “I am Pro-Selfie. There are so many bigger problems in the world than girls who think they’re pretty. One of those problems is girls who don’t think they are.” This stuck with me since the day I read it because we have been so conditioned to silence ourselves when we love what we see. And I am not only talking about our physical traits. We are so easy to criticize ourselves for our failures that we forgot about our triumphs. We see the inadequacy, but are blind to the accomplishments, etc! etc! etc! We forgot our so many of our qualities but they are all worth admiring!

So here’s the challenge:


Tough question right?

I CHALLENGE you to say it out loud. Own it. Love it.

Yes, it is a difficult practice…but ONLY because we do not do it enough! As you know, practice makes perfect and with time it all becomes easier. You are good enough, strong enough, smart enough and beautiful enough so PROCLAIM IT!

You LOVE your eyes? HELL YEA!
You LOVE your legs? HELL YEA!
You LOVE your butt? HELL YEA!
You LOVE your laugh? HELL YEA!
You LOVE your smarts? HELL YEA!
You LOVE your passion? HELL YEA!
You LOVE your strength? HELL YEA!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Go tell somebody you love them….and then tell yourself everything you love about you ten times more!

Love an Light!

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