Unplugged & Offline


I just got back from an incredible weekend! A quick getaway to Panama where I got to add a new stamp to my passport, enjoy beautiful beaches, be reunited with friends I hadn’t seen in ten years AND I got to participate and celebrate in the marriage of one of my best friends to the absolute love of her life. Sounds so fun right?


I have been home for three days, and although I am pretty roughed up -WAY too much dancing and I am suffering from THE WORST sunburn of my life- I find myself with a smile on my face reliving all of the laughs and the beautiful memories I made in just five, short days.

Here’s the thing: on this trip my phone did not work. I had no cell service (I didn’t even think to buy a SIM card) and I could barely connect to WIFI wherever I was. So I eventually gave up trying to get any signal on my phone. AND I AM SO THANKFUL FOR IT! I was forced to take a digital detox and I wouldn’t have it any other way because the memories I made over the weekend feel so much more engraved in my mind. Yes I took plenty of pictures, and posted a few Instastories but truly…I just forgot about my phone.

Nowadays we are so obsessed with maintaining the image of our online profiles, we get lost in finding the perfect pose or “creating the content” when we should be living in the moment, enjoying the people around us and just being present. I post this picture here because I do not want to be a hypocrite. I am the first to admit I have photoshoots trying to find the perfect Instagrammable pic, I have no shame in my selfie game and I probably take WAY to long finding the perfect filter! But this trip I was disconnected. I wasn’t receiving any calls or notifications so my phone did not need to be in my hand or on the table at any moment of the trip. So this weekend I snapped the picture and my phone was back immediately in my bag so that I could be back reminiscing with my friends, taking in the beautiful views or taking shots of Aguardiente…Yea it was a Colombian wedding 🙂

Caught in the act!

In social situations I try to be very aware of my phone and I find it so necessary to be respectful of others by NOT being on mine. It is one of my biggest pet peeves when a group of people are sitting together, but everyone is actually alone because they are all in their own world. It is just sad and it is common courtesy to respect the people you are with by not being on your phone….or why be with them at all? But before this trip I did not realize how consumed I myself had become and I feel so grateful to have been forced to be unplugged and offline.

I guess this post is just about checking-in. What does the relationship with your phone look like? AND BE HONEST! By all means take your cool pictures and post on social media! But I urge you to practice more LIVING and LESS scrolling. Snap the picture and then put the phone away. Turn off notifications. Do you really need to check emails at dinner with your best friends? DISCONNECT! Is your phone the first thing you check when you wake up and the last thing you look at when you go to bed?

Social media is such an incredible tool for bringing the world together, but there is nothing more valuable than being alive and present with the people you love most, living unforgettable experiences and being grateful for the things that give life meaning.


When was the last time you were OFFLINE and UNPLUGGED? Do it now. Thank me later!


Love and Light!

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