New Week, SAME Goals



We always hear “New week, New goals”… but honestly it’s been “New week, SAME goals” for about a month now. Let’s just say I have been having lots of fun lately and have not been able to stick to some of the recent commitments I have set for myself due to lack of routine, travels, and what seems like back-to-back celebrations with family and friends.

I have recently committed to switching over to a Ketogenic diet while intermittent fasting. To put it simply, the diet consists of an increase in fat and greens while fasting 16-hours per day. (In retrospect, I really wasn’t setting myself up for success by starting this diet five days before going on a 10-day vacation) Overall I ate pretty healthy and got a bunch of workouts in, but definitely indulged when I felt like it – NOT KETO!

So now I am back home and have a few days to get myself back on track before I jet off again! But a couple of days ago I caught myself wondering if this new diet and way of eating made sense for my lifestyle. And I began to wonder whether or not I should just give it all up. I have always preached about BALANCE when it comes to clean eating, working out and enjoying life…So do I really need to change what I am doing if it’s working for me? It’s been about a month since I set this new goal, and I feel embarrassed to admit that I just have not been able to commit to this new plan as much as I would have liked.

But I’m calling BULLSHIT on myself!

This post is NOT about feeling guilty for not throwing myself into my diet 100%. This post is NOT about being upset about gaining a pound or two while on vacation. And this post is NOT about shaming myself for not reaching a goal by a certain period of time…because we could definitely go down that road. And I will not allow it.

This post is my reminder to declare what I want, and go after it. My goals are the same as they were last month and that is totally okay. Why would I fall into my own trap of changing my goals because I haven’t accomplished them yet? How could I sell myself so short? I have done all the research on the benefits of the Keto diet and I believe my mind and body could benefit greatly. So f*****ng stick to it Natalia! COME ON (high five!)

It’s in moments like these…moments were I could easily give up on myself…where I recall feelings of past accomplishments and how good it feels to make myself proud after achieving what I set out for. (Key Word: MYSELF) Recalling those feelings are a HUGE motivator for me. We tend to not give ourselves not enough credit for all of our prior achievements. But we can be our own key to success by using our past to motivate us towards our future. The quote, “A great accomplishment shouldn’t be the end of the road, just the starting point for the next leap forward” comes to mind…and this applies to all sorts of accomplishments: health, career, relationship and so on. I am determined to stick to this new diet and lifestyle because I love myself. AND I love myself enough to hold myself accountable and not settle for less than what I want because I AM CAPABLE.

More than trying to teach an inspirational lesson through this blog post, I am openly RECOMMITTING to myself and anyone who reads this. I am choosing to stay loyal to my word and I will demonstrate my commitment through my actions.

What are your motivators? How do you find the determination to go after a goal? And who has some yummy Keto recipes they would like to share?

Love and Light!

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