BYE Instagram! Be back soon.

Just took a short little social media detox and I’m already a changed woman (and I’m also kinda wondering why I am ALREADY back on Instagram?)

To be completely honest and open, I recognized last week that I was feeling particularly anxious about life and I was trying to determine the root of this stress. As I was wasting time just scrolling on my phone (as most of us do on a daily basis) I had an epiphany! We have all heard that the more time you spend on social media the more likely you are to compare your life to everyone else’s and feel some sort of stress or impact on your self-esteem. I have always thought that I was good at balancing my social media addiction but last week I was just DONE. 

This is why: 

  1. I was tired of scrolling through everyone’s “perfect” lives. Instagram is a false reality. And we are getting better and better at fine-tuning the image we want the outside world to believe about us. At the same time, we are getting worse and worse at remembering that social media is a HIGHLIGHT role of people’s lives. Last week I was feeling anxious about my own life, yet every other person on social media was living in a perfect, amazing, exciting world and everyone’s got it all figured out. That’s just not real life. Of course we do not need to share our struggles or darker issues that we deal with, but we need to remember that they exist and that EVERYONE has them. Without even wanting to, I realized I had fallen into the trap of comparison. Not to a specific person, blogger or instaceleb…but to my entire news feed!
  2. I was tired of being straight up UNPRODUCTIVE. Imagine all the times you spend on your phone. Now add that all up and think about all the other things you could be doing with that time. The average person checks their phone about 50 times per day… And the average teenager? 74! I just feel..and know…I could be using my time more efficiently. 
  3. I was over it. Needed a break from the fakeness of it all. Bye.

I almost feel silly for downloading Instagram back on my phone after five days because I was actually NOT missing it at all and I was feeling GREAT after logging off. I will admit the first day, I checked my phone constantly even when there was nothing to look at. But eventually I was feeling happy, I actually picked up a book when I was bored, and I could feel myself much more present and just living in the moment.

BUT I do love sharing with the world my pictures, my thoughts, my life…and Instagram is FUN. So I have a made an action plan to keep it fun, rather than allow those weird, icky feelings to slip back into my life or let instagram take over my life in a way I do not want.

Here’s what I’m going to do:

1. TURN OFF ALL NOTIFICATIONS: With notifications off, I won’t constantly feel the need to be staring at my phone, need to endlessly refresh my home page, or get distracted every time I get a new “like.” You know what I’m talking about.

2. NO PHONE AT NIGHT: I want to actually disconnect from the world after 10pm. Not only does this improve your quality of sleep but you deserve to give your mind a rest from the inundation of images that are constantly thrown at us. I also don’t want my instagram feed to be the last thing I see before I go to bed (or the first thing I see when I wake up). I practice a DAILY social media detox because I owe myself the break.

3. LEAVE MY PHONE WHEN I DON’T NEED IT: There is no need to have my phone with me while walking my dogs, while eating dinner with my family or loved ones, or while enjoying a sunset. I want to be conscious of my phone constantly in my hand and I want to be able to feel free from it. Sharing what you are up to is great, but being present and ENJOYING what you are up to is even better. 

Do you need a digital detox? Just try it. Your followers won’t forget about you. And if they do…who cares? 





That is what it’s all about. 

Love and Light!

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