I’ve got my mind on my Mantra & my Mantra on my mind

When I started my “fitness journey” at around eighteen years old I naturally repeated my own little mantra in my mind while I worked out. In those days, I did hours of endless cardio, so in hindsight, repeating the same four words was probably my way  of dealing with the boredom. LOL. Other than being a tool to help pass the time, what I had tapped into was the power of my personal mantra. We all know that mantras are rooted in buddhist and Hindu spiritual traditions and if you are a yogi you probably hear the term all the time. The Sanskrit translation of mantra is “instrument or tool of the mind.” Mantras help to drown out all the noise and those deep underlying thoughts that keep us up at night until you find your self in in a serene state of awareness. You could also call this “in the Zone.” Similar to positive affirmations, I believe mantras can take you to the heart of yourself. The powerful “I AM.” A mantra can be a positive phrase, quote, or saying that you repeat to yourself as inspiration or motivation to becoming your best self. For example, “I am Peace….I AM Love…I AM Abundance…I AM Strength…etc.”

Positive affirmations can become your own personal mantras as well. Affirmations are statements we tell ourselves quietly or out loud to counteract the negative, limiting beliefs we may hold. Affirmations are positive self-talk and self-love that we repeat over and over so as to actually BECOME the words we are speaking.

I was inspired to write this today because as I was taking my daily walk, I realized I was repeating my personal mantra to myself. I have always turned to my mantra when I want to snap out of a bad mood or uplift my train of thought, (or get through a boring workout), but today I had the realization that I have gotten to a place where even when I am in a good mood I am still repeating those four words that have become special to me…The four words that I want to be. The four words that I choose to be. The four words that I AM.

My mantra has definitely evolved from when I was eighteen…I have never admitted this before, but I used to repeat: “Thin. Tone. Firm. Hot.” to myself over and over again. Clearly I was preoccupied with the physical. These days my priority has switched to focusing on my emotional well being rather than my outward appearance and my mantra reflects that. I write this because I whole heartedly believe in the power of thought and I am certain the mind and body absorbs what we tell it repeatedly. Our thoughts are responsible for creating our experiences and it is so important to guide ourselves back to the state of peace and well being that resides in us when limiting thinking starts to take over. (The ultimate goal is to constantly live in that positive state and not have to drag ourselves back!)

I guess I was inspired to write this because I surprised myself with my positive thinking today. The intentional repeating of my mantra over the years has become natural and subconscious self-talk. Learning to love yourself and speak kindly is a lifelong habit but it DEFINITELY becomes easier with practice, and as I realized today, it can become innate!

Do you have a personal mantra? What are your favorite positive affirmations? If you don’t already have a mantra I suggest brainstorming the word or words that resonate with you. What are the key words that excite you, inspire you, or motivate you to become your best self? 

“Be mindful of your self-talk. It is a conversation with the Universe.”

Love & Light!

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